Making Token Ecosystems Accessible


1.1 What is is a platform which allows users to conveniently participate within blockchain token markets. Users have the ability to purchase Bitswift tokens using various payment methods as well as claim free CASH tokens and other digital assets.
1.2 What are Bitswift tokens?
Bitswift tokens are utility tokens which exist on the Bitswift blockchain. They allow applications to write into the Bitswift decentralized public ledger.
1.3 What is CASH token?
CASH is a community backed digital currency utilized on the Bitswift blockchain and within the platform.
1.4 What backs CASH token value?
CASH tokens are only backed by the communities willingness to use and accept them. The value is determined by the free market and is largely based on supply and demand.
1.5 How are CASH tokens created?
CASH tokens are created through user activity on the platform. The CASH token inflation rate is directly associated with the amount of users stimulating the platform.
1.6 How many CASH tokens are in circulation?
The amount of CASH tokens in circulation is dependent on the amount of users using the platform. As more users participate more CASH tokens will exist. CASH tokens statistics can be found on the user dashboard.
1.7 How can I obtain CASH tokens?
Users can only obtain CASH tokens through using the platform or through purchasing from other user on the decentralized asset exchange. The Bitswift team will be adding CASH token to future platforms and services as time permits.
1.8 How many CASH tokens can a user claim ?
Verified accounts can claim up to 100 CASH tokens per 24 hour period. Unverified accounts can claim 10 CASH tokens per 24 hour period.
1.9 What can I do with CASH tokens?
You can trade them with other digital assets, send them to friends and family, hold them as a transportable digital asset and a way to represent a unit of an account.

2 Claimable Assets

2.1 What is the Item Mine ?
Users can claim other assets which may be promoted and featured for limited times and in limited quantities at Bitswifts discretion on the platform.
2.2 Where can I find details for item mine claimable assets ?
You can find the details for each asset on the blockchain interface page by clicking on the question mark next to the assets name.

3 User Accounts

3.1 How are users verified?
Users can verify linking their cell phone number to their account. Verified accounts receive full access and benefits to the platform.
3.2 How many accounts can each person have ?
Each person is licensed to use one account only. Users found violating the account rules will have their accounts and future access to Bitswift services blacklisted.

4 Account Funding

4.1 How can I fund my account?
Users can fund their accounts using the following payment methods:
  • Flexepin - Flexepin is a fast, secure and private method of depositing funds into your account using a prepaid voucher. Vouchers can be purchased at thousands of locations around you. Once you have purchased your Flexepin voucher featuring a unique 16-digit code, you can deposit funds into your account. To do this, select Flexepin as a payment method, enter the 16-digit code printed on your voucher. Your voucher will be converted to Bitswift tokens based on the rate quoted on the purchase screen. Click the "Redeem" button on the purchase window to redeem your CAD voucher at the rate quoted.
    • Up to $500 per 24 hour period
4.2 Where can I purchase a Flexepin voucher ?

You can purchase Flexepin locally at a store near your location:

or online at

4.3 How do I deposit tokens ?
Users can deposit supported assets into their account through the Blockchain interface button located on the user dashboard. At the current time the deposit function only supports Bitswift blockchain based addresses.

5 Account Withdrawals

5.1 How can I export my tokens to the blockchain ?
Users can export their token balances to the blockchain address that is bound to their account. Users set the account address for each asset at the time of withdrawal request. Currently the system only exports to Ardor / Bitswift blockchain account addresses. You can create a blockchain account address through the Bitswift web interface located at:
5.2 Are there fees associated with exporting balances to the blockchain?
Yes, it currently consumes 1 Bitswift token to export user data from the platform to the Bitswift blockchain.
5.3 Are there limits with exporting tokens?
Yes there are imposed minimum and maximums for each asset type exported from the platform. Minimum and maximum limits for individual assets can be found on the blockchain interface page.
5.4 How long does it take to process a token export request ?
Normally a token export request should fulfill automatically to the Bitswift blockchain within 20 minutes. In certain circumstances it could take longer.

6 Misc

6.1 What is the purpose of is used to provide a convenient gateway to a token economy for Canadian users interested in blockchain technology and token markets.
6.2 What use case examples does platform serve? provides examples for how applications may utilize the Bitswift blockchain public ledger, making their information immutable, transparent, transportable, secure and accessible. It may also offer a model for a Universal Basic Income delivery concepts on the blockchain.
6.3 Who develops and maintains platform?
The platform is developed and maintained by Bitswift Decentralized Applications Inc, a blockchain application development company based out of Kingston, Ontario.
6.4 Where can I receive support?
Users can email for related support requests.
6.5 Where can I receive more information?